The bond untied

Úvod Terapeutické kartyThe bond untied

The bond untied

Therapeutic cards about divorce in English with a manual.


The pictures on the cards capture topics that can bring strong emotions, and we consider it very important to approach them in the same way.


Who are the cards for?

The cards are intended for a narrower group of experts who deal with the topic of divorce. These are mainly clinical psychologists, counseling psychologists, social workers or mediators.

The cards can also be used by professionals in other facilities and centers for families who are engaged in therapeutic work and have completed psychotherapeutic training and / or at least ongoing training and work under supervision.

For whom and for what work are the cards not intended?

  • for a parent who is going through a divorce - to use it at home 
  • for the work of a parent with a child in the home environment
  • professionals who make one-off contact with a child, a family in crisis,
  • experts without previous experience
  • professionals without the possibility of applying a short-term or long-term contract with the family
  • professionals without long-term psychotherapeutic training.

In the deck of cards you will find:

  • 21 black and white drawings
  • a guide with tips for work in English


Cards are made in Slovakia.

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